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bit more up

I’m feeling a bit better this afternoon. Still exhausted as all get out, but a bit cheerier. I could hear it in my voice when I just called E - the smile was there. Phew.

I worked hard and got a lot done, including a bunch of cleaning of my desk. I’m gonna work a day next week, and I think that’s the last officially scheduled one. smile

I’ve been working on a new skin, and a new mysql/php script.

Megan’s gonna stop over for a while tonight, and hopefully I’ll cook us some vegeburgers. I’ve got fresh cantelope (musmelon if you are from MI!) in the fridge. Maybe I’ll go make something fun for desert, although Megan’s not eating much sugar right now, so maybe not. I did get groceries delivered last night finally - our cupboards and fridge were getting pretty bare!

Smile! Its friday! smile


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