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participation positive 090202

Its time to start the week off right with participation positives!

  • Eric had the day off, which meant we got to spend it together!
  • I’m only working 2 half-days this week!
  • I took a chance last week to make a positives list when it wasn’t even monday!
  • Blogstyles is really taking off, and people are really enjoying the css templates I’m offering. yay!
  • its cori ’s birthday, and that’s worth smiling about!
  • i love and i am loved
  • E’s getting new computer pieces, and that will make him happier.
  • I have my paperwork coming from the state for my business license, and that’s exciting to be official.
  • I did a little bit of work this afternoon for my job to try and make it easier on myself tomorrow.
  • I have such great friends online, and it really makes life so much cooler!
  • I feel positive!!!!


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And one more positive . . . You’re such a positive person and it’s always a pleasure to read your blog!

Aww, thanks Trish - that’s so sweet! smile

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