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music impact

Amy wrote a really long entry about how music affects her this morning, and it really showed how I feel, too. I have always loved music. Mom said I used to walk around the house making up songs even when I was young. So much makes a giant impact on me. Its a bit part of my life; songs usually match up to certain time periods for me, and give me clear memories.

The strongest impact on my life would have to be the Christian music I’ve loved in College that not only is beautiful, but has powerful words. They give me the "chills" like Amy said, and remind me of more than myself. (right now on Winamp? We Believe in God by Amy Grant... we actually sang this as a worship song for vespers on Friday nights at college, so I know all the harmonies and it makes me feel complete)

Music is beauty and beauty is good. So yeah, what do you think?


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I could sing Holy Holy Holy before I could walk. To this day, music touches that core of my soul. And it’s funny how in particular, Christian Music touches it especially deeply. To this day, the hymns I grew up with can still bring tears to my eyes. And when I hear Michael W. Smith’s Crown Him with Many Crowns? It restores my faith instantly. It makes me want to holler praise. And when I feel down? Amy Grant’s All I Ever have to Be. And at Christmastime, when I stand with the choir and sing Handel’s Messiah, I can almost feel God’s hand on my shoulder. And that is why I love music.

Wow, a ping. smile I haven’t listened to much (any?) Christian music, but like I said on my blog - I’m open to anything. So I’m off to d/l some of the songs you and Annessa mentioned here.

Just listened to We Beileve in God... it’s very pretty. It’s not really my speed, though... I like more of the variety of Jesus is Just Alright by the Doobie Brothers. smile

i can’t say yay or nay on the christian music, because i don’t listen to it, but music is very good.

my voice lessons at home were my "me" time in my crazy-ass schedule. no matter how exhausted i was, i always went, because they’d rejeuvenate me for the coming week. i don’t feel the same way here, and it’s a shame, because it’s something that i really need. when i play piano, no matter how badly i suck, it’s always wonderful to know that you’re creating something beautiful that is unique to you, even if it’s a song that’s been played by everybody and their mom—because you played it, it is uniquely beautiful.

music will always have this wonderful effect on me, and it makes me happy that i am fortunate enough to be able to share this gift with others.

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