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this or that 082702

Oh, its Tuesday, which means I should really do Christine’s This or That! smile

  1. Sesame Street or Captain Kangaroo? Captain Kangaroo! I had a Romper Room record that I listened to over and over!
  2. Muppet Show or Fraggle Rock? Muppet Show! I always giggled at the guys in the balcony, and Pigs ... In .... SPACE! That’s the first place I remember seeing celebrities that now are popular like Elton John. With his fancy glasses.
  3. He-Man or Jem? I know which rina-doll would choose. ;) He-Man was on right before She-Ra, I think, and so I watched both of them for a while.
  4. The Smurfs or Muppet Babies? SMURFS!! I used to get up early on Saturday mornings and watch them every week. I love them.
  5. Archie or Josie & the Pussycats?? Well, I had 4 puzzles when I was little that were Archie, and that’s my only knowledge of it really. But I loved the new Josie movie tons!
  6. H.R. Pufnstuf or The Banana Splits? Never heard of either.
  7. The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch ? The Brady Bunch all the way. I believe that I’ve seen all the episodes!
  8. Happy Days or Welcome Back Kotter? Never really watched either, but the music video (was it Weezer?) a few years back that had Happy Days people on it was fun.
  9. Punky Brewster or Small Wonder? I’ve never heard of Small Wonder, but I did like Punky Brewster smile
  10. The Facts of Life or Silver Spoons? Oh, Silver Spoons. I’ll never think of Ricky Shroder as anything but Ricky. smile


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