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friday blogs

Two of my favorite girls have been doing this recently and I wanted to follow in their always-cool footsteps!

5 for friday - 5 newer-to-me blogs you should be reading!
this means they are still on my new loves list - which needs some rearranging!!

  1. Mariann’s Place - a very nice blog that had a daisy theme until this morning! She’s a teacher/designer, and so its fun to read her thoughts about that. And she posts a lot, which I enjoy in a blog read because I’m that way too!
  2. Amanita - Meredith is a really cool chick - she’s got some neato skins from some of the great designs from Blogplates and so its fun to see them in use. I found her not long before the blogathan.
  3. Maddy’s Rambles - She’s been hanging out in the MT forums lately, and so it is cool to get to know her blog too!
  4. Demented and Sad - recommended by Robyn Looks like tons of fun! Go and leave some notes for Dick while he takes care of detention-needing people!
  5. Live in the Delirious Cool - even though I’ve been visiting for a while, I haven’t mentioned Donna here before and she really is neato and deserves mention!

I should also point you over towards Whatever, Sherry’s blog, because she’s got a terrific 20 words theme going on - I like it a lot! smile



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Hey... thanks for the rec! Now I feel the pressure to get this new design up and running! Ack! smile

Wow, Kristine, thank you! I’m always pleasantly surprised when somebody mentions my site. I’m glad you like the designs, too - thank goodness I got the site skinned, so I don’t have to choose from all the wonderful options available!

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