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I am so glad that the day is just about over. I’ve tried a bit too hard to get things done today.

I started off the morning with a few things that I needed/wanted to do and tried to slowly accomplish them. I made my brother’s birthday present - I printed a zoomed in copy of his dog and put it in a frame, along with some $$ for his stuff to help his move that will happen soon.

I answered some emails and tried to get winamp to work with dosomething again. (I haven’t succeded yet, even with a program that’s supposed to allow 2.x plugins to run.)

I started dinner - the filling for stuffed shells and cookie dough.

I went to work, where I found out that Lisa was having to leave early and because she hadn’t gone home at lunch like she was supposed to, Leonard had to to meet the A/C guy and now he was behind and so not all the corrections were gonna be done by the time she left. :sigh:

So I did the last correction because Lisa ended up leaving 15 minutes earlier than she said (and didn’t make it home until a half hour after that - she musta stopped at a boys house and left me with her work. craphead)

I went to work with the knowledge that I already had a lot of work to do. Because I’m working 3 day weeks (afternoons - and missed monday), there was a lot of work that hasn’t been transferred over to mom and Annette because I need to teach them how to do it; so this meant that all of my normal 4-days worth of work needed to be completed. So I was planning to work hard anyhow.

But then when I had to spend 30-45 minutes on the corrections, it really took a chunk out of my afternoon.

So I had to work even harder and faster to get everything done. :sigh: I did get the major tasks that were needed to be completed done, but I had to really bust my ass to do that.

Because Lisa left early, I had to wait for Mom and dad to take me home. Which took even longer because Lisa took the deposit with her and then didn’t make it. HELLO?!!!! So mom had to go scrounging for money so she wouldn’t overdraw because of that (and still doesn’t know if everything will be covered).

Lisa is just making so many problems, and really getting on my nerves. She’s being so irresponsible and selfish, and I don’t understand it. Its really frustrating.

I got home at 5:05 instead of 4:15. My dinner that was partway done at lunch time still had to be put together at this point.

E just called and is gonna be at least another 45 minutes, so it was okay that I was late. I have the shells stuffed and waiting to go in the oven. I’m baking cookies now.

And I took a break to sit down because my head is spinning from all of this. WAAAAAAY beyond my energy envelope. I have a feeling that my headache is getting worse. Blah. So after cookies are done, I’m gonna sit down and really rest. I deserve it, yes I do! smile


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I’m glad I left my WinAmp at 2.8x so that my DoSomething will run. I wonder if they will come out with a WinAmp 3.0 plug-in to replace it? Meanwhile, sorry for your cruddy day. Want me to bitch-slap Lisa for you? smile I would do it for you, you know that - right?

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