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happy mhd!

A very happy mental health day to meeeeeeee! smile

I’m so glad to have the day off, with no stresses, with my soft gray jammies. It makes me so happy smile

I’ve already been up for a while, and ate breakfast while watching 7th Heaven. After that, I worked on some Blogstyles stuff, adding two more sets of templates that I completed the other day for purchase. I updated most of the pages, too - I think I still need to make sure all the .php and .html’s are in the right place, because I changed some of the pages over to .php smile

I helped on the MT forums for a while, and that was fun. I want to go and take some pictures of the sunshine because I’ve been very neglectant the last few days - I took 1 picture on monday and forgot to post it, and didn’t even turn my cam on yesterday! Boy, I don’t know how I did that!!

My plans for the day are pretty relaxed right now - just get a few things done, but no stress. Wheeee! smile


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