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finding the joy

I can feel myself smiling a little wider, giggling a little more, and finding the joy a bit more often.

Today has been glorious. I didn’t set myself any specific goals, or any tasks that I *had* to do. I let myself rest, and get a few things done in between. And by the time E got home, I was in such a happy mood.

Colors and graphics and tv shows and stuff - they are making me smile. I am enjoying 7th Heaven in the morning - it actually makes me feel good to start my day that way. And I’ve been watching Pretender at night, and its just such a fabulous feel-good show. These things make me smile.

I’ve been loving playing with stylesheets and stuff - picking colors and lining things up and getting things ready to share with others. I love doing that so much. Even if I don’t ever get rich with my graphics and designs, I love the joy of getting into someones page and seeing they are using my graphics, with a post about how happy they are to find them. That makes me have a gigantic smile!

I made cake yesterday, and just the smallest piece gave me a big grin. Its yummy, but its also fun to eat.

When I just snatched the pics from my camera that I took this morning, I found that I really took a lot of great shots. This hobby is really fun, and I am so happy to have the fun of learning to make beautiful things with just my eyes and a snap!

I know that I am getting happier, and when I’m happier, my health issues aren’t AS bad. I’m sore today, but not nearly AS sore as I was yesterday. My throat feels a little less sore, and my head wasn’t as clouded. Its just blessed peace, and the joy in that makes me know that maybe with some careful evaluation of my energy envelope, I might be able to actually leave the house for more hours at a time on the weekends.

I said something this evening when E got home about how I was so glad to be at home today, and soon, it would be more days a week, until I was at home and smiling when he got home everyday. He said "It’ll be like the old days." I said, "Did I used to be happy every day when you got home?" nod, nod. "I barely remember!" Anyhow, that thought makes me happy. smile

Can’t guarentee that everyday at home will be perfect, but at least its a start smile


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