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Since Christine pointed out ConquerCam, a webcam management software, I clicked through to the link to see what it was, and found that the same person makes one of my favorite softwares - FontLister!

My favorite thing about it is that I can select it to load a directory of fonts and it will automatically put all of those in memory until I close the program. So since I have all my fonts sorted into font-types in their own directory, I can load a specific type up and then play with Photoshop until I find the perfect one for the project. Its a great program, and if you have more than a few fonts, I’d highly recommend it! ;) (Yes, I have more than a few ;) I’ll have to keep that count to myself, because you’d think I was highly insano!)


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I was so glad when you blogged about that program before. It’s been exactly what I needed!

Considering the fact that I have fonts on CDs, fonts on my hard drive, a few more CDs, oh wait - there are 200 more zip files of fonts ... uh, yeah. I could never consider another font addict to be insane. Fonts are yummy!

I used conquercam before I took my webcam down. It’s a great little program - and super easy to install (and beats the heck out of Logitech’s webcam software!

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