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weekend stuff

My weekend. Its over, and that makes me sad.

We didn’t do anything super exciting. Yesterday, I watched TV, took a long nap, and played with some stylesheets. Daylight was on, and so I stayed up to watch that smile That’s one of my fav disaster movies. I love them all for some reason. I’m a silly girl.

Today, I woke up kinda early and then laid on the couch and watched episodes of 90210 with Emma Caulfield (who I now love as Anya - it took me forever to not think of her as the girlfriend of Brandon, and now I say "look, its Anya!).and the eps where Tara(also Veruca on Buffy) tried to be Kelly and then kill her.

Then we went to Sheri’s for breakfast - yum! I took some pictures on the way, and I’ll put those together and upload them soon.

Home to watch some Trading Spaces while we waited for the Cable guy to get here. We now have digital cable. Dude, cool! There’s tons of new channels, and we have Showtime and Encore until the end of November. My favorite addition is the addition of Tech TV!! Woo hoo! I didn’t think I had any possibilty of getting it! I do like that it shows what is going to be on on the bottom of the screen, too. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this when I’ve had more time to play.

Then I played with some really nice stylesheets I’m working on some more, I need to finish putting them together, but I figured out Paypal’s purchase single item tool. Coolness.

And that’s about it. My weekend, in a nutshell.


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My mother in law just got a new cable plan and we were taking a look at that Tech TV smile Looks really awsome! We’ll be signing up for Illico too!

Yep, didn’t do much here either. Wish it wasn’t time to go back to work already!

Your weekend wasn’t bad smile It was really good and relaxing! Don’t worry in a few days there will be a new one! That’s what I love about weekends lol

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