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cfs and contributions

The Our FM/CFS World, Inc. Newsletter came out today and had a really interesting quote which really made me think. I can see why I am having a hard time with second guessing myself right now...

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.Ē --Malcolm S. Forbes

I think this quote can be attributed to many of the sufferers of invisible illnesses. We are told so many times that we are not really sick or that it is all in our heads that we begin to undervalue our worth. We begin to question everything we are to ourselves and the people we care about and associate with on a daily basis. Then we begin to put more emphasis on the things we canít do or the things we miss doing. And we all know that is a path to destruction.

So take some time to remember all the wonderful things you contribute to the lives of those around you. Then spend some time reminding yourself of all the special qualities that make you so unique - things that an illness canít take away. Rediscover how truly valuable you are and strive to hold on to those reminders.


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You definitely contribute wonderful things to so many lives, including mine. smile

wow. that is a great quote.
kymberlie is right - you do contribute to a lot of lives.

it is wonderful. we should all stick it across our monitors to remind ourselves.

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