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bubbles skin

Just for fun, I put together a new Skin for my site today. For those of you who have a hard time with black backgrounds, this is much lighter.

Who’s gonna be the first one to guess what song the lyrics are from on the top of itconfused smile


i haven’t the slightest clue who sings that but i love the new lighter skin. much easier on my eyes. thanks =)

I will! It’s Natalie Imbruglia’s Big Mistake. Do I win a prize? smile

Me wikey!

I usually dislike black backgrounds, but you use it properly. I’ve seen so many sites with black backgrounds that it made me hate it, I used to use it all the time. I like this of your skins the most.

hmmmm... i thought the song was actually called bubbles of love?? perhaps i could be wrong... but it’s definately by natalie imbruglia smile

Very cute, Kristine!

I definitely like this new skin, especially the way you used a background-image for the hover! I have always had trouble reading the black dark skin, so I chose this one immediately. It’s great!

(I notice the comment popups don’t seem to be skinned yet, though.)

Love your newest skin, very pretty!

I really like your black layout, but I’m more of a white person... he he! And that title image is stunning, Kristine! Well done!!!

I love the new skin! I immediately started using it too. I love black backgrounds, but the lighter colors are easier to read. And the title image is stunning!

Hey, I’ve got a project for you Scriptygoddesses, how about a cookie-skin script that allows cookies in the comment layout as well as the main page, so the comments can match each skin perfectly! That would be soopa cool! I don’t have a weblog right now, but I’ve seen a lot of sites where they have to use an all-purpose comment layout, so it won’t clash with the skins.

Good idea, no?