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Music today

What have I been doing today? I’ve been busy doing fun things for me smile

Sometime recently in lockergnome, Chris wrote about Psychic MP3. Its a MP3 renaming program that is really smart. It actually connects to freedb.com, a database of all of the CDs published, and then matches up your directory of music with an album for renaming. It fills in all the important fields in your MP3 file, so if you use dosomething or blogamp to put your titles and artists on your blog, you have more likelyhood of getting proper display.

So between this and Kazaalite’s terrific searching abilities, I was able to see instantly which songs of an album I still didn’t have and go and add them to my queue.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t play nicely with WinXP all the time, and there are still some folders that when I get into them, the program crashes. I haven’t quite figured out why.

BUT, I got tons of my directories sorted, and actually worked on the structure of my mp3 directory to have the music type (my own personal classifications), then artist, and then for the people that I have a lot of music from, it is separated by album! I hpe to write up some of the structure and put it on my site in case I can share some songs with my friends who are looking for new music. But not today. smile

Besides that, I’ve listened to a lot of music, watched tv and ate pizza. E washed the sheets, and we cleaned up a little bit. There’s much more that needs to be done, but its okay. There’s tomorrow. I forgot to watch While You Were Out at noon. I just pulled my Exopat baking sheet out of its box and need to bring it downstairs instead of leaving it on my desk smile I’m drinking water because its way hot smile I played a bunch of spider solitaire.

And that’s about it! Pretty good day. Yes, it was smile


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