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toy story 2

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Toy Story 2confused?

It was just on Disney. I love that movie! And the credits at the end are hilarious too!

I’ll have to scan in a picture of my favorite character from the movie. He’s in E’s car smile


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I need to get that DVD. Both it and the first movie are such classics.

The funniest outtake is the one where Mrs. Potato Head is trying to store stuff in Mr. Potato Head’s bum and she keeps putting stuff in there until she gets to the barrell of monkeys and he’s all "No!!" It’s hilarious on its own, but it’s doubly funny because neither Mike or our friend Donnie had heard the phrase, "When monkeys fly out my..." before. They had no clue why everyone in the audience was laughing so hard. I still giggle when I think about it.

I like that movie, too. I like Toy Story II more than the first, though both are very enjoyable.

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