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Its so nice that it is the weekend. I feel more relaxed already, and the giggling at Toy Story while playing Spider Solitaire really did me good. Now its cuddling and sleeping time.

Goodnight, sweethearts, goodnight. smile

(and a special HI! to Ciscley who must still be up because I just got a blogtoaster that she just updated ;) )


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Why do I hear that song, "Strangers in the night" playing in my head? Hmm?

Heh. Birds of a feather.

BTW, I thought of you when I redid my blog layout yesterday. I said, hmm, I’m going to pick something flowery and romantic because, damnit, I feel like it and at least Kristine will like it too. Heh.

wait, or is it two ships in the night... ah, late night posting is dangerous!

I was watching that too...what a cute movie.

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