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Oh fun! I just read some about SimCity 4, and it looks really neato! I have been playing Sim games since college, when a friend gave me a disk with the original SimCity (you can play Classic here for free). Then I had a trial of SimCity2000 that came with my computer when I got out of school. And then I bought SimCity3000 when it came out. I’ve since gotten to play The Sims with 2 of its expansion packs (Living Large and Hot Date) and that’s a lot of fun. So I guess I’m a Maxis-girl. Its all just so much fun!


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heehee, i started playing SimCity in college 2 - Ryan got a copy of it when he bought his computer. smile and i’ve been playing Sim things ever since—so i guess i’m just a Maxis girl too!

Sims games have always been a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see SimCity 4 smile

where can i play the simcity for at on this web site

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