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I just don’t feel well today. I can’t quite tell why. I didn’t sleep good last night, and my nap just isn’t happening. My concentration is down, and my body aches. Must just be a bad day healthwise. But I sure wanted to get stuff done on my day off!

I did put the finishing touches on a project for a client - I can’t wait until she puts it up so I can link it - it turned out really nice smile

And I watched the Mackenzie Phillips: True Hollywood Story and a show on Carnie Wilson on E!. LOL, that was productive!!

I tried Vanilla Coke for lunch - I like it - its not as good as the ones they mix at restaurants with Vanilla syrup, but it has that nice smooth Cream Soda taste 'cept not as root-beery. Its good!

I just wish I felt better - I had a good idea for a new skin for here this morning while trying to fall back asleep. But I think instead, I’ll go and lay on the couch and watch TV or something easy like that. Sitting up is making my head hurt more. Blah!


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Poor sweetie! I hope you feel better. Remember, nothing is as good as a Cherry Coke. smile

Just sending you some looove... smile I’ll be working on putting my special code into place tonight! I’ll keep you posted on how my testing goes!

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