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buffy wo smg

People.com | News Article | Buffy Ready to Give Up Her Stake?
(putting in extended entry in case someone doesn’t wanna know this news yet!)

Series creator Joss Whedon said he believes that the show could survive without Gellar. "I have the strongest ensemble cast I could ever hope to work with, and a premise that resonates beyond the character itself, so I believe that it could."
I’ve heard that Emma Caulfield (Anya) doesn’t plan on being on the show after this year either - but I believe that Nicholas Brenden and Alyson Hannigan have signed on through season 8.


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Hmm, surprisingly I think I’ll miss Anya more than Buffy. But I really can’t imagine the show without Gellar. I’d love to see SMJ in another show or in more movies, but I wouldn’t want her to leave Buffy completely (ie get replaced with a substitute Buffy) until she was actually doing more stuff.

I’m not surprised about Nicholas and Alyson, their characters haven’t been through as much development yet as both Buffy and Anya (Anya only because her’s has been over such a short period of time.) And I’m not sure what to think about the Dawn character getting more play. If it means less temper tantrums that make me want to beat her silly, then okay, otherwise, I guess it’ll be time to switch back to watching Angel.

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