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Man, I’ve been quiet this morning! Between taking a long nap, and working on some projects, I’ve been very preoccupied. I’m outta the shower, and need to get some lunch before heading out to work. Again with the no-motivation to go, but that can’t be helped. My nap was actually kinda restful, and that was good because I sure woke up sore.

I tried to do a bunch of cooking yesterday, and it wore me out! But we had good food - I made poop drop cookies at lunchtime, and then my fabulous barbeque sauce from scratch for barbeque meatballs. Its a lot of work, but E sure loves it. With rice. I decided I wanted a virgin pina colada, but had no idea how to make one, so I improvised with some pinapple, pinapple juice, milk, vanilla, brown sugar, and coconut with a generous amount of ice (I didn’t have coconut milk and so I had to really improvise!) Too much coconut - I had to chew every bite :giggle: But it was yummy! So by the time I was done, my kitchen had rice water and pina colada and onion peels and barbeque sauce everywhere!! LOL!

But, for the 5th day in a row or so, my tummy isn’t too happy, so I think I’ll give it some cereal for lunch - that’d be happy and easy on it. And then its hi-ho, hi-ho! (off to work I go!)


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