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browser checks

I’m not usually so up on these thing because I tend to just test my sites in the most viewed browsers - IE6, Netscape6, Opera6 and sometime Netscape 4.7 or Opera 5 - all of these are on my computer, but I really only make sure that my sites don’t crash in the earlier ones.

These are sites that you can use to see how your site might look in other browsers - a handy tool if you are going for the ultimate in cross-browser checking:
anybrowser siteviewer - see how your site breaks
Deja Vu: (re-)creating web history - test your site in old old browsers

And an even larger resource with tons of links - Cross Browser, Cross platform design issues at Websitetips.com. You can find out so much at websitetips!!!


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Aha! Thank you! I’d seen the Site Viewer and dejavu.org long ago but I couldn’t find them anymore. Many many thanks!

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