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dreams stuff

I had more really vivid scary dreams last night. My form of scary is aparently people being mean to me. The people who snubbed me in college were featured, saying such mean things to me. And then I had to hide and it was found out I had just been hanging out and not working or going to classes and then I had a secret power that they needed so they wouldn’t let me leave; so E and I and another guy tried to escape. Why do I have these fricken dreams about my college? Ugh.

I still have a headache - I’ve almost always got a headache, truthfully, but most of the time its just a nagging one that sits there. Since Friday, its been more of a whole head, ache when I move my eyes, could turn into more if I did something wrong. I wish it would go away!

So let’s see if I can be a bit more productive today even with the headache. The 763 games of Spider Solitaire I played yesterday weren’t necessarily productive ;)


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i’m sorry you’re feeling yucky.... and having nightmares isn’t pleasant, even when you’re feeling well sad

but spider solitaire is sooo addicting... i don’t know how you’ve only managed to play 763 games ;) give me spider solitaire and my oldies playlist in music match, and i’ll sit there for hours, happy as a clam smile

Come play Cascase with me at www.playsite.com smile

It’s certainly addictive smile

A word game.

That should have read Cascade...guess my fingers are all tired out from playing all morning, lmao.

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