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good saturday morning

Good morning!

Its a beautiful sunny morning here, and I’m in the office while E is sleeping listening to peaceful Christian music - Jennifer Knapp, Jaci Velasquez, Nicole Nordeman, Michael W. Smith... its all good, and makes my heart sing smile

I spent a long time this morning with Sara working on an MT site that had some problems. And then surfed the MT boards, but its kinda quiet - looks like a holiday weekend smile I reuploaded all of the current hacks to MT that I hadn’t done since the upgrade, so smilies should work now, and some other stuff is better again.

I’m extremely jealous after going through Christine ’s pictures - she’s gotten to be with :jenn: for all these days, and now got to meet Erika and Susannah and is gonna meet to extrodinary Jess today! I wish I was there!! smile

Yesterday evening, I spent a lot of time working on some design stuff for a new client. I’m learning to write contracts, and its scary! I hope this one works out because I like the direction its going smile

My sisters called yesterday afternoon and said they were going to the beach overnight. I do believe that they were going to do things that they shouldn’t be doing, and that worries me. But hey, I’m not their keeper, and I didn’t buy them anything bad, so its not on my head this time. :sigh: Worrysome sisters.

I hope to make it out of the house today. I woke up still pretty sore this morning, but I’d love to have enough strength to get out for a little while. Maybe take some pictures - I’ve been trying hard to do a picture a day for the 1000words project smile Speaking of which, I love the way Jenn of Madelah has put her pictures in with her journal in such a great format.

I searched for something on Morpheus this morning, and it still hasn’t found the stuff I searched for the other day. Plus, its breaking up like 13 popups a second now, so I think its time to try limewire again!

I found Beth’s new home in my referrals this morning smile

My skin is starting to warm up. Its 59, but it still feels cold. I’m starting to feel hungry too; which is good because I didn’t have dinner last night because my tummy was upset again. Stupid nausea! So I’m glad to be hungry smile

I suppose I should go and work on some more projects. There’s always something to do smile

Jennifer Knapp By and By just came on and I love it. I need more of her music. Beautiful.

Happy day, everyone!


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Thank you! You know, I’ve been kinda self-concious about it as mine is the only site I see not doing a "traditional" photoblog - I integrate between pMachine & Gallery, so seeing your comment really made my morning. smile

i just wanted to say thanks again for the help on my site. i appreciate it allot. smile

Hey, sweetie, try KaZaA Lite (http://www.kazaalite.com/). It’s KaZaA, but with all the pop-up ad software stripped from it.

i wish you were here too! maybe someday you can make it out?

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