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surprise by design

New show on Discovery - I caught the end of it while flipping on my way to Trading Spaces just now... Surprise by Design

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. It also takes two—and a few willing friends and family members, if you want to get technical—when you’ve got a $2,500 budget and just one day to surprise someone with a redecorating or landscape project.
Definitely similar to TS, but has a bit diff concept. Its gonna be on Mondays at 1pm through the summer, with new episodes! Neato!


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Have you also heard about "While you were out" on TLC starting tomorrow? Someone in the household gets the other person to unsuspectingly leave for two days while they redecorate one room that that person uses. For example, getting your husband to leave while you redecorate his office. It looks like there will be some sort of "relationship trivia" to spice it up a bit also, allowing for additional funds/items to make the redecorating that much better. Starts tomorrow morning on TLC, check it out!

can you email me about a site problem? i’d pay you but if you can get to my site you’ll see why. i need some tech help.

I was going to post something about this too. I LOVE this show. I sat there yesterday and watched 3 episodes before the husband pulled me away! LOL

I also LOVE t his new design. Very nice smile

We caught the premieres of it on Friday. Fun show!

I love your show! It is so much better that "Trashing Places". Oops, I mean Trading Spaces.

I met Rebecca Cole and she is an awesome person!

I LOVE Surprise By Design! It’s mine and my friend’s favorite decorating show. Robert and Rebecca are great! They have a warm friendship that is fun to watch. Give us more of this wonderful, fun program! Thanks!

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