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What fun... I’ve spent the majority of the afternoon trying to nap. I only slept off and on for about 30 minutes.

The side of my face has been sore all day, so I really hope I’m not getting a migraine!

But I’m sitting up for a little while, so I’m hoping to get caught up on my mail. Praise the Lord for these days off!!!


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Kristine...this new site is WONDERFUL!!!! I LOVE the look and feel of it all...great job shweetie ;)

Hey! Just wanted to tell you that I am LOVING this new design. Great job! Very professional! smile

Weird, my comment didn’t show up...

I just wanted to say (again) - congratulations on the new domain - your design is beautiful!

Hey Kristine!! smile Wow, I LOVE the new look, congrats on the new domain and such! smile Everything looks wonderful. I’m hoping to be back up and blogging again soon! I registered my new domain tonight, now just to come up with the look, etc. smile Hugs!!

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