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feeling off

Something doesn’t feel right inside my body. I can’t quite place it. All evening yesterday, I just felt oddly. I’m not sure if its the new meds already kicking in or if I’m getting sick, or if I just had a bad day healthwise or if my naps just made me feel funny. See, it could be a lot of things and a combination of them.

So I went to bed early, even though my plan was to condition myself for tonight (I’ve been going to bed progressivly later every night this week until last night). And now I’m up - why oh why at 5:15 on a holiday. I’m hoping to surf and then go back to sleep.

E is so excited about being off work today, and I sure hope I’m feeling better so I can be excited too.


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ugh, i hope that your weird feeling goes away and that you are able to get in some more sleep this morning so that you can have a wonderful day. eat some PIE (or other, appropriate gelatinous food-stuff) for me! heehee smile

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