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dr appointment recap

My drs. appt. was actually much more positive this time around.

My pcp is actually giving me some valid feedback now. I think now that she had some things ruled out for her, she’s starting to take me seriously.

She feels that anxiety is still an issue for me. I explained to her that I’m phasing out myself at work, and she still expressed a worry that even though I’m working less, I’m still feeling anxious. So she talked about several different antidepressant/anxiety-related things that I could try. She said that in her experience, Zoloft would fit my symptoms and may be less likely to make me gain weight. E and I talked about it after the appointment, and although I really don’t want to be weak and start on this again, there are some definite reasons that I can see this might be a good idea. (reason 1 - my breakdown on friday wasn’t the first over-emotional breakdown I’ve had). She also said that the circulation problems could be anxiety related, and so I’m gonna try this out.

Next thing, she agreed with me about the sleep apnea idea that the rheumatologist had wasn’t the long-range solution. She’s gonna get a referral going for a sleep person, but she’s not really thinking much will come of it. Basically, its just one more thing to rule out. But its more likely than not just related to my weight gain.

After I showed her my timeline of sickness, and explained how things were getting so much worse, she said she wasn’t sure where to go next and asked if I had heard of doctors in the area that specialized in Chronic Fatigue in any of my research (yes, she actually mentioned CFS w/o a smirk or snide remark!). I said I had read a list of doctors on the co-cure page with doctors who are friendly to CFS related illnesses. So she’s gonna talk to a doctor at OHSU that she knows of, and I’m gonna get her this list (which is only 2-long instead of 4-long; I’m gonna get in touch with Robyn and see if she knows anywhere else to look).

I have a followup appt in a month to see how the Zoloft is doing and have a fun female exam while I’m at it.

So I came away feeling much less dejected than before. Its still no answers, but at least we are both open to solutions this time. I’m gonna do more research, and prayer. And that’s all I can do for now.

Thanks to all of you who are so supportive of me. {{{{hugs}}}}


I’m so glad this appointment went so much better! That has to feel really good! As always, you’re in my prayers. Hugs.

i’m so glad that your appointment went well. after all of those rotten appointments you’ve had lately, you really deserve it! i hope they figure out what’s going on soon. love ya! smile

I’m glad that it sounds like you might finally be getting the help that you need. I’m here for you, sweetie, if you ever need anything. =)

Oh I’m so glad to hear today went better for you—I prayed all afternoon! Unfortunately I don’t know where else to turn other than Co-Cure. Last time I was helping people find doctors, the CFIDS Association wasn’t giving out recommendations—but have you tried them lately? I know they have information packets and such. I’ll send you my other thought via e-mail. Thanks for the update and I hope you have a very restful day tomorrow!


Glad to hear that things are getting better. I wish you nothing but the best!

I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in August 2001, and I take BuSpar (buspirone hydrochloride) for it. It’s a nonaddictive medicine that really helps (it lessens the symptoms of the anxiety). I take it once in the morning and once in the evening. Just thought that I would tell you about that. It costs $5 for about 60 pills (with my insurance), and I don’t think that’s bad at all. I’m glad that I am on this medication, but I am also doing other things to help my entire body (writing in my journal, breathing exercises, yoga, etc.). I am glad that your doctor’s appointment went well, and I hope that you get better soon!

I’m on Remeron (more of an anti-depressant) and its increased my appetite... by 4 pant sizes. I’ve since joined Weight Watchers Online and am slowly taking it off, but its been a struggle. Hopefully, the Zoloft works for you. Without the side effects. Good luck.

I have a friend on Zoloft and it has worked wonders for her anxiety. However, it takes 2 - 4 weeks sometimes to see the effect so don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice anything right away.

My hubby just started Zoloft on Monday for his anxiety. Have you taken it before? I know its supposed to take like 2 weeks to "kick in" but he’s already had the cold sweats and drowsiness. I hope those side effects will eventually wear off.