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participation positive 070102

Its Monday, which means its time for [participation positives]!

  • I’m not working at all this week - taking 3 days off without pay and then the 4th is a holiday and the 5th is a paid holiday for Christmas that was missed. Wee-ha!!! A full week off!!!
  • I’ve got things to do this week, and I’m excited about doing them.
  • I’m going to see my doctor today and maybe she’ll have new ideas for me.
  • I love and I am loved
  • I ate a banana with my breakfast... yay for potassium!
  • The sun is shining. The leaves are blowing. There’s flowering bushes below my office window that are blooming. The grass is a beautiful color of green. God makes such pretty things!
  • I’m cleaning the oven and just washed the sheets. Baby steps to a clean house.
  • I got in a nap this morning. Ahhhh, much needed after staying up late.
  • Megan and I are planning a barbeque for the Fourth at my parents house while they are away. It sounds like a fun time, and I get to help cook!
  • E gets the 4th off, and I love it when he gets a day off!
  • I want to watch Men In Black II this week, and hope to get MiB to watch on DVD before that time smile
  • Life uncomplicated by stress is good. I feel lighter and happier today with the prospect of a week off than I have in a long time.
Have a wonderful week, everybody smile


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Sounds like you’re going to have a great week ! Hope you enjoy every minute of it. I get Thurs. and Friday off (and Sat. and Sunday)...4 day weekends don’t come that often, so I plan on relaxing and enjoying every minute of mine too smile

so kristine, i guess i should make the leap and upgrade to mt 2.21? i’m afraid! lol! but then i could have trackback for my positives?

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