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I got to help the ever-cool Todd (via Robyn) with his trackback stuff last night... and I’m more than happy to help any of my other friends with this too smile

(See, I’m pinging Todd to continue the conversation on my own blog - isn’t it neato how that works? Now he knows I talked about him and he doesn’t need to go through his referrals to find that out smile Neato spedito!)


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But ... but ... I still don’t get it. I guess it might help when I set it up - then maybe I’ll understand. For now? I just want to go "Mommy... help!"

Christine, I’m the same way and I have been playing with it! smile Thank you SO MUCH for your help Kristine! I have another question...why do so many trackback entries end up blank (like with this one, all three are—and Todd has a blank one too). Is it people having problems with their bookmarklets? For instance, reading the boards I see a lot of people not having the trackback URL show up at the top of theirs. When I set up Todd’s bookmarklet, it was the same way—didn’t see a trackback URL at the top and it was a brand new one.

Do you mean why entries such as this one—an indvidual archive page—do not work with the bookmarklet? On any page that you want the bookmarklet to work with TrackBack, you’ll need to have this tag present:

Or do you mean why you receiving pings that are blank? I’m not sure why this is happening since we fixed it so blank pings won’t work.

I’m thinking that *maybe* the reason that my blog has received the empty trackbacks on it is because I haven’t made the upgrade to MT2.21 which fixed that problem. With my migraine yesterday, I haven’t had the chance to upgrade again yet. Maybe I'l ask on the forums or straight to Mena if that’s the case smile

AND, I think that I need to rebuild my Individual Archives so that the MTEntryTrackbackData shows up. I’ll do that now smile Then people on this page will be able to ping me correctly - thanks Mena!

I haven’t upgraded him to 2.21 either. All seven of the pings that Todd received left blank information. Ok, really have to get ready now...but I’ll upgrade him when we get back tonight and see if that fixes it.

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