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school and eric and fish

My dreams are so vivid these days. I sure hope that this isn’t starting a trend, because that’s how my sleeplessness started back in October, when I was waking up for hours at night and not being able to sleep!

Last nights dream was another one where I was very worried about having to finish college. I have this reaccuring dream where it feels so real that I have 2 more classes to take. But of course, I’m married and I don’t want to be away from E while I go to school. So this time, he came with me. We had a broken phone and a fish he had caught outside our house in the lake sitting onthe counter. It was huge. I was really worried about getting to class with my body falling apart (Its not as much fun when I still am sick and sore in my dreams!).

So I woke up early. After not being able to sleep last night. I stayed up and watched charmed because I couldn’t go to sleep. And then I just woke up early. Smart cookie.

I’m gonna try to stay late at work today and do payroll for next week so I don’t have to come in at all. (note to self - have Lisa copy my key for next week) And then I’m gonna see if the kids want to go to Pizza Palace for dinner. That will give me enough time until E is done with work that I should be able to get payroll done in. That is, if I don’t feel awful icky by the time work-end rolls around. And if that’s the case, I may nix the payroll doing until this weekend or next week. It’d be better to do it when no one is there just because the system is more stable.

Oh, and I need to get my hacks to MT working again. Smilies, namely. Maybe work on Robyn ’s languages again smile But now, I’m working on the MT forums There are a lot of people with questions right now, and I’m glad to be around to help. ANd it sure is more fun to be helpful WITHOUT a migraine!!! smile


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