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today recap

Even though its been a quiet day, I’ve gotten a lot done. I started worked for quite a while playing with Jenn’s AddAlink script, which is way cool and is hosted here instead of having to rely on an external source (you may get some referrals from a password protected page on your sites; I haven’t figured out how to make my sidebar pull in content from a password protected directory onto a non-pw directory w/o still giving the prompt for a password). I tweaked with my default skin here. I did some support over on the MT forums I played with some new graphics sets that I fully intended on uploading today. I did updates to :blogplates: including adding a new member. Cleaned up my email box. Did a job on tweaking an MT site to the liking of the owner. Took a 2 hour nap. Talked to my zalary-love online for a while. Watched last nights' Farscape and Stargate (My new favorite shows!!) Megan stopped and told me about her weekend (she was in a wedding out of town). Then, I got sucked back into The Sims. So much fun!

So its been a full day, but still mostly relaxful. I don’t work until tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I can tie up some of the loose ends of things I didn’t quite finish today. Yesterday was full, too, complete with a nap which caused a Migraine that took 5 hours before the zomig even hit it... and dinner at my family’s house... yum!

So tomorrow starts a week of work without my parents, who are on a 2 1/2 week working vacation; meaning, they will do the Spokane run together in 4 days instead of 6, and then when they get to Missoula, they’ll keep on driving to Michigan, and stay there for a week before driving back. So I’m *kinda* in charge, even though I’m not really working the hours I need to be to be in charge. That’s okay, I’m really excited because the week of the 4th, I’m taking off with the exception of doing payroll. Phew!

Now I’m gonna go and read the rest of my reads, and check in on the MT forums one more time, and then head to bed. Good night, sleepyheads!!

Upload grad weekend pics
finish tweaking to default skin styleswitcher
upgrade AddAlink script
upgrade secret project
work on two new sets?


When I downloaded th escript at SG I noticed that there’s a note... somewhere, either on the site or the readme that says how you can make the script write to "bloglinks.php" in a seperate drectory. Good luck!