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I hadn’t reset up dosomething after I got my new computer, and so my sidebar list of music had been stuck on Lead Awareness Day (May 11 ;) )

When I went to reset it up, I remembered that I’d given Kymberlie a detailed list of what my actions were, and so I found the email and just copied and pasted... so much easier.

So ya wanna know my configuration info? (This is after you download it and put it in the right place and all that like the Dosomething site says. I just got a bit confused by the instructions to set up a basic playlist and ftp it!) Here’s my easy list smile

Generate HTML Playlist
Template In: C:\Documents and Settings\Kristine\Desktop\melodies\template.html
Template Out: C:\Documents and Settings\Kristine\Desktop\melodies\webout.html

Actions: FTP A File
Local File: C:\Documents and Settings\Kristine\Desktop\melodies\webout.html
Remote File: /public_html/hopelessromantics/melodies/webout.html
FTP HOST: love-productions.com (with login info)

And then I also have the temp directory set up
Temp Dir: C:\Documents and Settings\Kristine\Desktop\melodies

My template (located as mentioned above at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\melodies\template.html) looks like this:
%%SONG1%% <br>
%%SONG2%% <br>
%%SONG3%% <br>
%%SONG4%% <br>
%%SONG5%% <br>
%%SONG6%% <br>
%%SONG7%% <br>
%%SONG8%% <br>
%%SONG9%% <br>


ooh! thank you soooo much! i’ve been wanting to set this up! smile

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