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Yes, it is officially damn hot here! Its 97, which means its at least 100+ upstairs. To try and stay cool and sane, I’ve been laying downstairs in almost nothing watching TV. Its just too hot to do anything else. Trading Spaces is on next, anybody care to join me?

I came up stairs to check allrecipes.com for something to cook w/o barely any food and w/o turning the stove on. :giggle:


i suggest pizza for dinner - haha! that’s what we’re going to do - cause it’s warm here too - and i’m feeling blah, so food delivered to my door sounds good to me.

p.s. you need a laptop so we can watch trading spaces and chat at the same time. i’m missing you today.

Yuck - it’s been aweful here all week. I like Zal’s pizza idea!

Ahh. you should have been up here. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s all day. (Of course it rained a lot of the day, too.)

I saw on the news it was 97 degrees up there. Usually we’re a lot hotter down here but not today apparently! LOL!

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