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Its Friday, which means this week is almost over. smile

I surfed all my blogs already this morning and have been to my forums and I’m feeling a bit less sad compared to yesterday. It was obvious to me as I bawled at Boy Meets World that I was overly emotional. :giggle: Hey, it was sad. But maybe not that sad. smile So yeah, I actually feel kinda cheery. Until the first person starts asking about my appt. No, no, be positive Kristine. Darn it, where’s monday when you need a positivity list.

Speaking of which, thoughts are still going up for Jess. I sure hope they figure out what’s going on soon. Its gotta be scarey for her and her fiancee.

E talked to his parents last night, and they are SO excited about us coming as always. I ended up making a cold pasta salad for dinner (with chopped up baby carrots because it was the only fresh vege in the house!) and fruit smoothies to go with - I took assorted (blueberries, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, and bananas - all stuff I had bits of in the freezer) frozen unsweetened fruit and blended it up - simple as that!

It was still so hot last night that falling asleep was a challenge. I know I laid there FOREVER. I’m tired this morning (LOL, but when am I not?!) Its only 57 so far this morning, and its only supposed to get up to 77. Phew. BUT, only a temporary reprieve for me... its gonna be 91 tomorrow in Loma Linda. Highs 86-96 through Monday. I am gonna BAKE! Least I’ve got shorts smile At least there’s Coppertone 45 sunscreen on the counter to bring with me. Dude, I’m white. 45 might not even be enough for Sunday morning graduation on the lawn!! AND E went and picked up my zomig perscription, and E’s parents informed me they were buying me Cherry Coke - after last trip when E had to go and get me some to try and get my migraine to go away, I guess they decided to be prepared!

Things I need to do this afternoon. Lay out everything to be packed. Paint toenails (and send pic to Christine !) Wrap presents for Lori and Larry. Nap. Straighten up house. Nap. Maybe go out to dinner because there’s no food here!
I’m sure this list will grow smile

I also tried out Bounce at Game House this morning, a similar one to Big Money - I found a link on Looking Out, which is a beautiful journal smile

But now, its definitely shower time. Dontcha love the summer when shaving is required? tounge out I think I’ll enjoy wearing one of my new pairs of shorts, though. If you’re lucky, when I take pics of my toesies, I’ll share my cute outfit too smile


Cool, you’ll be in my neighborhood. Hope you have a fun and safe trip! smile

Look forward to the pics. BTW, by Boy Meets World do you mean a Blog or the old TV Show?

Geri, where are you at?

And Promo - The old TV show :giggle: Its on reruns in the afternoon on Disney, and it was the episode where Cory’s new baby brother was in bad shape and almost died. So it WAS really sad.

I’m in Loma Linda, off of Mountain View, close to the Veteran’s Hospital.

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