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bit better

So I’m feeling a bit better. Know what did it? A dreyers Whole Fruit popsicle! It nummed my throat, and I’m actually hungry again!

After reading some of the stuff about strep, I’m starting to think that the chances of E getting it from Matthew were pretty slim... and E had it first, and E and I definitely had the same thing (after talking it over during lunch).

So I’m just gonna take care of myself like its a sore throat, and see how I’m doing tomorrow. Probably not go to work for all of the other sore reasons.

I’m playing big money and alternating with laying in bed periods smile


I hope you feel better very very soon. Here’s some E-chicken noodle soup......Doesn’t it smell good? smile

Promise me that if it doesn’t get better by Friday you’ll call the doctor. Strep throat can turn into the strep virus, which attacks the heart muscle. It’s not something to ignore, better to be safe than sorry.

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