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Uh oh, my little brother just called me and said that he had a strep test done... and he has strep throat.

I don’t ever think I’ve had strep before, but my throat is majorly sore, and I can’t barely swallow. After I talked to Matt, mom called and said she’d take me to get a strep test if I wanted. But is it gonna be worth it? Would it take all day to get into an appointment? After the last few days of working so much, it doesn’t suprprise me that I’m sick. And so maybe just sleeping will make it better.

But E’s had the same thing all weekend, I think. We were both around Matthew recently, so it would make sense if we got it from him.

I’m gonna do some research, I guess to start with. And then call E and see what he wants to do. I hate to sit in a doctors office waiting room forever when I feel so bad. That requires getting showered and dressed, too. Blah.


I am strep queen! Until I had my tonsils out, I used to get it about 6-8 times per year. If you feel like you can’t swallow because there is a popcorn kernel shell stuck in the back of your throat, it’s probably strep. Also, check for white spots on your tonsils, if you have them. If these signs are there, definitely get a strep test! It won’t just go away and no OTC meds will help. You need the anti-biotic, if you have it. I hope that you don’t because it’s painful! Take care of yourself (and E, too).

Sounds like strep to me. Looking in the mirror with a flashlight, can you see any white spots on the back of your throat or around your tonsils? I would definitely get it checked out to be sure. Feel better soon. smile

Yeap yeap sounds like it.. perhaps a mild case. I would most definately go get your tonsils swabbed and get the test done. When Julia gets it, they always do us too because it’s highly contagious. Antibiotics will kick it’s butt. Feel better soon!! *hugs*

if you have strep, that is nothing to let linger. i had strep two years ago and i didn’t go to see a doctor because i had the same mindset that you do right now. anyway, long story short, i let it get so bad that the antibiotics didn’t completely take it away and i also got laryngitis that lasted for two full weeks. also, my throat hurt so badly for almost a month... it felt like i was swallowing broken glass. it was absolutely horrible. don’t do to yourself what i have done to myself!! *hugs*

hey sweetie, sorry you’re feeling yucky.

i don’t know how cool your doctor is, but some doctors can be convinced to call you in a prescrip. if you explain to him that your brother has been tested and has it and that you have developed a sore throat too.

or maybe that’s just an Iowa thing.

either way, i hope they give you some meds and you feel better soon!

love you

kristine, have E check to see if you have little white dots on and around your tonsils. that’s one of the big signs of strep throat, along with having a temperature. i really hope it’s not strep... it sucks! feel better soon! smile

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