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So I started off my work day with hiccups. I’m so embarrased, I’m the only one in the office and the phone rang right in the middle of a non-stop spell of them. I tried so hard to keep the phone away from my mouth so he couldn’t hear, but that poor customer definitely knew something was wrong. Plus, I was talking super fast so I could get off the phone and get another drink.

Man, when I get hiccups, its usually a reccurant problem all day long. I’ve done some calming breathing and they are gone for the moment, but I know they’ll be back.

I just love it when that happens :sarcasm:! Guess who has to answer the phone all day?! tounge out


You know what stops the hiccups? Take a spoonful of sugar, put it in your mouth, and let it dissolve slowly. It really works. I get the hiccups on average of three times a week and if I get them once, I get them at least once more in the same day. It’s weird.

You know what else works.. one day I had them and my mother in law was here, well she started yelling at me "comeon Gina, hiccup. Comeon Gina, you can do it!" And so on and so on. I thought she was completely NUTSO, but it worked. I didn’t have another. Now when I get them, I yell at myself the same thing and they go away. ROFL. My kids enjoy yelling at me when I get them too. I guess I can’t hiccup on command. LOL

I had hiccups the other day at work. Everyone in the office could hear me. Wasn’t too pleasant. sad Finally had to eat something to stop them. They are never fun, are they?

That happens to me. If I get hiccups in the morning, I know I’ll have them on and off all day.

This is what works for us: tell the hiccuping person something bad (and a lie.) Like they owe you $1000, or that their shirt is undone, or that you have a secret lover. Whatever you think will shock them. That usually stops it!

The funny thing is, these days we know it’s a lie, but we still wait for the other person to say something, and it still works. If I’m alone, I try to tell myself lies, and that works too!

Personally , I think hiccups are tres kool , and whether I’ve got em , or somebody else does (females preferably) , I really enjoy them ... Honestly , admit it ... they’re fun !.. Let'’s hear those hiccups out there !!!

Hey row, i so totally agree, hiccups are indeed pretty cool. My girlfreind gets them all the time, and all we end up doing is laughing at each other for the whole time! I mean honestly, what purpose can hiccups serveother than to be either extremely annoying or bloody hilarious, depending on your persuasion. I never get them so i dont know if i can share ure enthusiasm on them personally, simply cos i cant remember the last time i got them! Also, i agree, girls with hiccups are so cute!

I get the hiccups all the time, if I get them in the morning I know I will get them again in the afternoon. The most embarrassing time I had the hiccups was at work. I got the hiccups durning lunch and used my method of getting rid of them by bending over and drink water from the other side of the glass. This really works. Well as I bent over my lowrider jean went lower and show the lunch room my pink thong undies. Someone made a comment, and I was so embarrassed that the hiccups went right away.

Hi, I have the hiccups right now hic hic, and they are very uncomfortable . I was looking at the web for suggestions on getting rid of my hiccups and stumbled onto your site. I get the hiccups about once a week and they drive me nuts, my husband never gets them at all. I think it is a women thing, I am in my late 30’s and still get them as if I was a teenager. I was talking to a group of my girlfriends about hiccups, and all of them could recall the last time they had them. I would say that on a daily basis that females hiccup more than males.

That must’ve been great , Cindy ! I’m sure it would work as a cure regularly !
And Kathy , i feel for you , but you should just relax and go with them .. they
usually pass faster then... Bless your eternal youth ! I’d like to compare notes w/ you .. could prove interesting!
I’d luv to discuss this with you both !

: P ogo

hi i’m Mariana i get the hiccups alot and i’m only 30. i hate the hiccups hic hic. there i go again hiccuping away. will i g2g so just tell me a cure for hic hic hic hic hiccups. lots of love hic hic bye hic.


Drop me an E !

You sound like fun!

: P

hi, hiccup sufferer here too.I get them everyday, but not always in groups. i get a solitary one id say every hour. but they never fail to come in painful 20 min bursts after i eat. at first i was like, hey yea, im weird...=cool. but now, its just downright painful. maybe im growing? i dunno, im just thankful i dont have the constant hiccups all day.. and what in the world? i just realized im on a site dedicated to hiccups? damn..

i like get the hiccups everyday and i’m a telemarketer taboo right?! well i have to just let them go if i try to get rid of them they only get worse

hey guys. i am a 21yr old female and i get the hiccups every day without fail! the worst time was i had them for 13hrs non stop. after i drank some cola. (wont be drinking that again in a hurry!)

i like to hear someone hiccup but ihate myhiccup sad today i got the hic hic hiccup and i am yery uncomfutable i hopr it hic will hic stop soon sad

I’m having hiccups now and this is my longest running one,lasting from last nite till now. I kept holding my breathe to stop it but it came back after every hr..and I wanna know what caused it and found this site..haha...I didn’t know hiccups is not a common thing...i always thought its common..like sneezing.so I dun find it embarassing..wink

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