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oh grow up

Another wonderful article posted: ScoopMe! - One to Grow On. I feel the same way as the author about the Once More with Feeling soundtrack. The words, the images the songs conjure up, the whole storyline - it all thrills me even months after the fact.

And the the real theme of the article is recapping the season in terms of Whedon’s "Oh Grow Up" theme of the season. Its a great read, if you love Buffy like me ;)


Kristine - if you’d like, I can burn you a copy of the CD I made that has all of the songs from OMWF. Just let me know. I’d be happy to send one out. =)

I lurve Buffy, but the show, not actually her... although I am obsessed with everything Scooby. Just thought Id say hello, and ask where Jen got her songs from Once More with Feeling, cos i want them so bad smile

You can download all the Buffy songs from various file-sharing websites, like WinMX (which is the best because the software doesn’t contain spyware). I have all the songs downloaded as well. =)

Hey everyone i just found this site! Kazaa is a really good way to download eps or songs from Buffy! Also there are some really good compilation that people have done themselves! I already have the OMWF CD and i agree! It is great!
CYA meglaughing

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