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mhd revisited

Yesterday was an odd day. It didn’t feel right to be a wednesday, and then I didn’t do things like I normally do on a MHD.

What did I do? I got up late and ate breakfast. Played around. Ate Lunch with E when he came home. Took a bath because I was so tense. Dyed my hair. Wrote a grocery list. Went to Sweet Tomatoes with E. Actually went to the store to go shopping. Finished my php article and worked on 3 column layouts. Went to bed.

The hair dying experience wasn’t so great. I’ve done it many times myself. I usually use Natural Instincts in Rosewood, a Clairol brand, which is a 24washout color. Since I have been getting more gray in the front, I figured I might as well bump up to the nearest permanent color. I’ve got a natural reddish tint to my hair (which is really only visiible in the sunlight), so I usually get a darker red color. So I got Herbal Essences, which is also Clairol brand, in Spicy Ginger. The boxes look almost the exact same, with Rosewood being maybe a bit more cherryish accents in it and the Spicy Ginger being a bit more consistant all the way through.

Did it just like the box said, left it on the right amount of time. The ends of my hair is perfect - just a shade redder than natural, absolutely perfect and the color I wanted. But the top of my head is light. I look like I’ve been out in the sun and I’ve got a halo of lighter color. Its not SUPER bad, but its not absolutely perfect either.

So I’m deciding if I should try to do some darker brown streaks on the top. I know I’ve seen those kits where you can put a shower cap on, and then pull through the strands that you want to color. I think that might make it look a bit more even and natural, and give me fun red streaks from how it is right now. I don’t know, I guess I’ll see if it fades into a more natural color over the next few days. I have 2 weeks before I go to CA to get it fixed up.

So now, I’m starting a full time day, and I’m really nervous about it. I’ve promised myself that I will give myself frequent breaks because I think I could pop otherwise. I haven’t done full time days since March or April, and I know I’m not up to this.


I’m thinking of you, hon. ~hugs~

Sounds like you may have split ends or the hair at the ends is more porous than the root area, so what you might wanna try next time is the "touch-up" instructions, which have you put the color on your root areas first, wait awhile & then apply it to the rest.. that should solve the problem.

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