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trading spaces

Don’t forget, there’s a whole Trading Spaces marathon on today! smile Tonights are the ones people voted on to see again, and it includes the one where the lady cried because she didn’t like her room. One of the ones this morning is the digorno guy with the red room Doug did. :giggle:

I *think* I’ve seen all these. And since I’m going to my mom’s house for some of the day, I’ll miss many of the earlier ones. But I’ll turn them on when I get home smile


Oh goody... I was so upset when I missed them on Saturday. Right not Hildy’s doing the house where she covers the walls with straw. It still looks silly. ;) Mmmm very excited about this.

I’m watching it now, tho it’s the beginning of the show so I don’t know what’s going on yet smile

I have done NOTHING all day but watch this show. We are at the one now where they cry! I want them to go back to some of these houses a month from now and see if they kept the style the same and what they changed.

We watched most of them, too smile I also wish they’d show updates to see how many people keep their new decor... I always snicker at the one where the lady gets so upset and cries.

I heard about that woman crying but never saw it so I watched and watched until I did. tounge out I think her room looked much better, the tape-job on the walls was a little cheesy, but overall I don’t know what she was bawling about. And plus, I mean, it’s part of the show... sheesh loosen up lady!

Frank can come do my place anytime, he rocks! But my favorite part is Ty. Wooo-eee, when his pants are falling down because of that big ol' toolbelt....... *plink* smile

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