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When I saw this, my heart sank sad

Here’s a reminder from Ben to check on some files if you are running MT to prevent this from happening.


Aw, crap! I never met Zalary, but everyone said great things about Zalary. This sucks.

I noticed that last night when I went to visit her site *long time reader* I can not imagine how bad she feels right now and I know, not only myself, but a lot of her readers are wishing we could smack whomever hacked her site.

i was pretty upset when i saw that last night too. grrrr. i could beat the person or people who did that to her. grrrrr.

yea, bah. i think i’m going to switch hosts and start over - in a week or so.

unfortunately, whoever hacked my site did so from within my ftp - because not only did they kill the mt pages, they also killed quite a few non-mt pages.

and also they would have had to personally upload mt-load.cgi, which i found in the mt folder - because i KNOW for sure that i deleted it.

*sigh* i’ll still be around posting comments and such. can’t get rid of me that easy!

what the.....?!?!?!

Making a back-up as we speak. Looks like Christine deleted those files when she upgraded me.

oh my gosh! That is horrible! Don’t these people have freaking HOBBIESconfused Maybe we can start a fund to get their little bored butts a boyfriend/girlfriend to keep them occupied. sad *shaking my head*

That’s terrible. Especially knowing that they uploaded the MT file themselves.

And, nothing personal? How can doing that not be personal?

Gads, that’s everyone’s worst nightmare—I’m so sorry Zal! If I can do *anything* to help...please say the word!

OMG that is soo depressing. A nightmare to say the least!

Why would they upload the mt-load.cgi file themselves if they already had gained FTP access? They could just delete stuff from there. Weird. I’m glad to see Zalary back though! Yay!

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