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Thursday Threesome 052302

Because I liked reading other peoples answers, I decided to answer the Thursday Threesome today smile

Onesome. Readin. Tell me about your favorite book you read as a kid.
I read EVERYTHING as a kid. Even the phonebook. My favorite series when I was really little had to be the Sweet Pickle books. There were 26, with a character for each letter of the alphabet. I moved into the Bobbsey Twins from there, and then every Christian book (Mandie series at 8) I could get my hands on.

Twosome. 'Ritin. Everyone does a Senior Research paper. What was YOUR Senior Research Paper about?
I was in AP English, but half way through, I decided that my test-taking skills weren’t worth the money I’d have to fork out to take the AP test. So while 75% of the class was prepping for that, I got to do a project. I created a poetry book. With a special layout and font for each poem I wrote. Its still around here, somewhere, and someday, I’ll share some of the poems smile

Threesome. 'Rithmatic. Using those 'rithmatic skills to balance the checkbook...so, what store seems to have the most entries in your register, and what the heck have you been buying there?
So I don’t use the checkbook nearly as much as my ATM card. So overall, the most checks are to Safeway for food. Largest checks are to Best Buy of course ;)

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