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When I upgraded this weekend, I had to redownload a few programs because I wanted to make sure I had the most recent ones. When I snatched EditPadLite today, I found myself checking out EditPadPro, the next step up from the free version. Since I use Lite for at least 75% of my html editing (I know, I’m a control freak! Means I’m way anal about my coding!), I really like some of the add ons that Pro has - syntax coloring schemes would be nice, as would spell check, and the ability to send emails right from the screen. I think the one that’s gonna sell me on it is the Project functionality allows you to save and then quickly open a set of related files, such as all the HTML files that are part of your web site. Wow, that’d be so handy for doing my sets into their MT/GM sections w/o having to open up all my template folders to get at my files. And its only $39.95. That’s so good. Hmmm... Maybe I should use some of my paypalled money from the projects I’ve done lately smile

Its just so handy of a program to have.... even just the Lite version smile


Did you ever try out Aranae? I found the syntax colouring really useful, but the search and replace I found awkward, and I missed the auto minimising to the status bar thingy.

I’d love to try out EditPadPro (I use Lite and love it) but I’d be hard pressed to find $40US! That’s like $78 for me.

I have pro! I love itsmile Honestly, it’s so handy just to have the spell-checksmile

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