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a bit better

The headache is feeling a bit better. I’m making myself corn dogs (morningstar, yum!) and frieds for lunch, and that’s a happy thing. I had a big spoonful of ice cream while I am waiting, and that was yummy. :giggle:

I took some pictures of things in my house while I waited for my lunch. And answered questions on the MT forums And read some email.

Ya know what’s exciting? I odn’t have to work tomorrow (finally getting a paid holiday to make up for thanksgiving which we didn’t get paid for at the time!) and monday. Its a long long weekend for me smile

What do I want to do with all the time? My sister is coming home again this weekend, so I hope to see her a bit. I’d love to chat with Lisa a bit this weekend too. My mom’s 50th birthday is monday, so we’ll have a party for that. I obviously will be doing some resting. I just got an invitation to go to dinner to see my friend Karen who is visiting from NY tomorrow night (am I up for a group setting, though? we’ll see). I’d like to put together my new cabinents for my hallway. If I was really ambitious, I’d go to the store and get the paint I need to paint the cabinents - I’m gonna use designer blocks to put ivy on them! I want to play some games smile Relax, relax, relax smile

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