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friday five 051702

I really wanted to answer this weeks fridayfive, but I was so busy on friday. So I’m here doing it now smile

  • What shampoo do you use? Salon Selectives, moisturizing. It smells nice, and seems to keep my hair nice and curly. ;) And plus, its purple!!
  • Do you use conditioner? What kind? Yes, I have to. Curly hair=conditioner sponge! I usually use Salon Selectives, also the mositurizing one... but they had Aussie 3 minute miracle on sale last week at safeway, and I got it. I *love* how it smells and it works so well. I know, its usually more expensive, but YUM!
  • When was the last time you got your hair cut? I cut my own hair. I just get outta the shower, and first pull the ends over to one side and snip, snip, and then pull the ends over to the other side and snip, snip.... and I’m done. Its been at least a few months. I like my hair long, but when I notice split ends, I trim.
  • What styling products do you use? Here’s the drill. Wash and condition. Use fingers like a comb in the shower while conditioner is on to keep the tangles out. Towel dry and let the towel be on my head while I check my mail again. ;) when I realize how close it is time after time I was suposed to wake E up, I jump up and put conditioner in (a whole huge handful because I have so much hair!) I climb into bed and wake E up, trying to keep my hair out from under my head when I lay down (but not so careful, its hard to keep it all from being underneath!), and then after he’s outta bed, I go and spray it with some hairspray. That’s it! And how it turns out is how it stays - I don’t have a super consistant look, and humidity has a lot to do with it!! smile
  • What’s your worst hair-related experience? My brother said that the haircut I had my freshman year of high school looked like a grandma cut. It really wasn’t flattering. I tried to grow it out, but it was so rounded that I looked silly. So the next summer, I chopped it to ear level. Also silly, but not nearly as dorky as the old lady haircut. And I’ve been growing it out since then! (I’ll find yearbook pictures one of these days to show you guys the progression smile Maybe my digicam will take clear enough pics of the pages and I won’t need to carry them upstairs to scan them!)


hello!!!flower just wanted to say hi!!!!!

hello!!!flower just wanted to say hi!!!!!

hello!!!flower just wanted to say hi!!!!!

hello!!!flower just wanted to say hi!!!!!

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