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Opera 6 sucks pt II

Opera Software - the Best Internet Experience. E just spent quite some time trying to figure out why just one of the 6 rollovers I made him for his site wasn’t working. No error, just no action. Only within Opera. It worked in IE and Mozilla. Finally, we tracked it down. It didn’t like the image name links. What kinda f*cking bull crap is that? So now probably every single one of my graphics sets has a rollover named "links" because its a standard thing I do. And all of them don’t do anything when you rollover that image in Opera. All the other ones work. Frickin A. I hate cross browser crap. Can’t everybody just use one and be done w/it? Then at least we’d know what to design for! :sigh:


I know that feeling trying to design a site for all three browsers. It’s annoying. I just figured leave my site for IE and just make it workable, not fancy, for the other 2 browsers.

Yeah, just try to use the menus at the San Diego Zoo website. Opera can’t do it!

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