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smg at mtv + soaps

How fun! MTV Movie Award lineup says that Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the hosts this year! That will be great fun to see smile

And look, the Daytime Emmys were on this weekend! Of course, the sources that I normally look for winner infor appear to be gone - soap opera digest’s page is gone, and pointing at an about.com page - which sucks. And the news articles aren’t covering all of the winners, just talking about Rosie and Susan Lucci. I want to see who rina-doll was talking about from GL. Okay, here’s a list. smile

I sure miss soaps sometimes. I know that the day that I turn them on in the afternoon is the day I start watching for good. I’m home at this time of the afternoon, but I need to be naping, not watching TV. So I don’t turn them on, no matter how much I want to see. I have an addicted personality when it comes to soaps :giggle: In college, we (my best friend and I) watched all the ABC soaps, and half of the NBC soaps, and half of the CSB soaps. Of course, we had to tape on two diff tvs and watch the boring parts in fast forward to make it through all of them, but we knew ALL the storylines! See, I’m silly ;)


Hi, you have such an interesting journal, blog..so many things. Yeah, I miss soaps a little too. I remember watching one with my MOM when I would get ready for preschool. I don’t think its on anymore. It was on ABC. All I remember was this guy getting shot..and lived but they couldn’t get the bullet out of his brain. I used to worry about him all the time.
now days, it just seems they are there to make a fashion statement for the most part.

One word. Soapnet. Totally rocks and I don’t have to waste my whole day - Of course it’s only ABC soaps, but that’s what I watch so it works for me.

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