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I’ve refound my love of Christian music over the last months. We have a great radio station here in Portland now, and it plays songs from my growing up years when I was a faithful MWS and Amy Grant fan, my college years when I was introduced to SCC and Geoff Moore, and then such a wonderful array of new songs.

I found this article, which reminds me of my first CD. Amy Grant - One Fan’s Story. Once I was done skimming over the story, I had goosebumps because I felt so much the same as the author. And then I started again from the top of the article and realized that it was Nichole Nordeman who was writing.... who is such an inspiration to me now as a singer in her own right.

It really brings it around full circle, doesn’t it?


If you want to listen to Xian music online, I listen to air1 radio, which can be heard over the internet. I believe the address is http://www.air1.com/ and they play GREAT contemporary Xian music of all genres.

Ah yes, Christian music. My favorites are Jars of Clay and The Pool Boys.

I LOVE Amy Grant, I always have, and MWS, my kid can sing some of his songs. I knew you were cool!

I remember when I was into Christian music. I loved DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline. I think I still have the CD’s. As my faith changed I stopped listening to them but I can’t bear to part with them in case one day I feel nostalgic and decide to listen to them again smile.

i started to become a christian about 2 years ago and just fell in love with christian music. it’s just so inspiring even if its pillar. i like listening to Jeremy Camp, Benjamin Gate, Relient K, and Audioadrenaline mostly. their all awesome.wink

There’s a superb selection of bestselling Christian music from the 1980’s and 1990’s at http://www.torontochristianbooks.com/BESTSELL.HTM. That invaluable listing is also mirrored at http://www.nwointelligence.com/TOCHRIST.HTM, http://www.survivalistskills.com/CHRISTN.HTM, and at http://www.rarehistorybooks.com/BKCHRIST.HTM. Well worth visiting!

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