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anxious: characterized by extreme uneasiness of mind or brooding fear about some contingency.

I’ve felt a definite sense of anxiety over the last few days. No good reasons, nothing substatial that should cause me to be worried, but the leg bouncing and other nervous things is definitely back.

It makes me worry that getting off the meds was a bad thing. Because I can’t control my worries. I know I’m always gonna have a certain about of stress in my life, but to be sitting here bouncing my pencil like a maniac and stuff is crazy.

I’m full of so much worry in my head that it takes me forever to fall asleep because the thoughts take over my brain when its trying to rest. I tried to take a little nap this morning because I woke up so early, and over half of the time I was laying there was unproductive because I couldn’t fall asleep.

I know, I should be thankful that I am off the meds for other reasons. I just hope that I can calm my shakey hands and heavy head!


Sending you some positive thoughts, sunshine, prayers & lots of love!

hugs kristine!

Deep Breaths....you just have a lot on your plate now....but I’m sending positive thoughts your way.

((((supportive hugs))))

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