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Where did you go Monday? It was another one of those time-slipping-away-days.... I took a nap and did a few things, but the hours of the afternoon totally disappeared from me.

For those of you following my dr. saga - I called AGAIN, and left a message for the nurse for my doctor. She didn’t get the message soon enough in the day (I called around 1:30) and she doesn’t work tomorrow, but Wednesday she’ll try making the appointment again. ::grrrr:: Makes me want to ask "Okay, well is there someone who will work tomorrow who can help me?" but I didn’t. The referral letter was dated April 23, if that tells you how long of a run around I’ve been getting. :sigh: I just want someone to start examining me so I can be sure that there’s nothing more wrong with me than what I think is wrong with me. sad

I started to order groceries, but I think I got pooped out and never came back to it. I should do that now.

We had breakfast-y tater tot casserole for dinner last night. With fresh bread from the breadmaker. Lucky, those thing were 5-minute-put-in-the-oven projects smile

I helped Rina with a project after dinner, and I’m just having such a hard time sitting up sometimes - with my circulation being so bad that my butt falls asleep on me (and my arms and my legs!) So I had a headache by the time I signed off and moved to the couch. Its still here.

So I have bills to pay, and projects for people online to finish, and grociers to finish shopping for, and a katrillion other projects. Let’s see how Tuesday measures up smile


Hey - I’m ALL FOR Monday’s slipping away. Any other weekday too. smile

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