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tweaking and cleaning

Last night, I stayed up late trying to get some of my hopelessromantics files worked on. Like I’ve mentioned a while bunch of times, my desktop was full of links I’d drug onto it to be added, and I think this was the longest I’ve EVER gone between updates of my sidebar.

I just have found TOO many people whose blogs are terrific. And my list was suffering because I was trying to get through all of them, and it just wasn’t a posibility every day. So I divided some stuff up and I think its more managable now. smile

So, I worked on that, and created myself a portal to be a combination of my lovelets and updates pages - I will set it as my home page and can get to everything important to me with a click!

I added my latest picture into the sidebars of a few skins (the index and buffy), and fix my rings file that seemed to be causing some problems.

And so NOW, I feel more organized, and my desktop is thanking me smile


I really love the portal! Clean, efficient! Great way to get the latest update on all your sections.

The portal is FANTASTIC! That’ll certainly come in handy since you have such a huge amount of info available here! Great job.

And thinks for the freakylink to my page - that’s MUCH appreciated! *feelin' the love*

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